Frequently Asked Questions

Nizoral Psoriasis is a medicated shampoo that contains a medicine to help relieve and prevent scalp psoriasis symptoms like irritation, itching, redness and flaking. The medicine works by helping the outer layer of skin to shed. It acts as a scale lifter, helping to soften and remove psoriasis scales.

Based on the product label, the product is to be used at least twice a week but can be used daily. Depending on your scalp psoriasis condition and how often you use the product, the time to see improvement may vary. Some people may begin to see improvement with the first use, but others may need to use Nizoral Psoriasis for at least 4 weeks before seeing an improvement.

We recommend that you use Nizoral Anti-Dandruff with 1% ketoconazole to treat your dandruff.

The Nizoral Psoriasis formula has been created with ingredients that are designed to be compatible with all human hair types. Nizoral Psoriasis shampoo + conditioner formula is free of ingredients that may be irritating including parabens, preservatives, sulfates and alcohol.

Nizoral Psoriasis contains the safe and effective medicine, salicylic acid, at 3% the maximum level allowed over the counter for scalp psoriasis. The formula also contains Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamins E, C, and B5.

Nizoral Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo & Conditioner